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This course is geared towards teaching and the emphasis is placed first and foremost on the historical and theoretical aspects of these two disciplines.

In the management part, students focus on the decisions made in all sections of a company: This study programme is also characterised by the close contact with the Institute of Multilingualism and with the Language Centre and profits from an ideal environment due to the multilingualism in Fribourg.

In coming to Fribourg to study Musicology and History of Opera, you will profit from the tradition of the oldest musicology teaching programme in Switzerland and one of the very first set up in Europe.

The programme concentrates essentially on the teaching of the Greek language and literature, with lectures, exercises and proseminars aimed at enabling students to hone their language skills, their knowledge of philological techniques and literary analysis skills.

Some questions addressed in this programme relate to broad economic relationships: In Fribourg, students have the option of taking almost all their lectures in French or in German.

The objective of the first three years is to gain the Bachelor ECTS credits degree and to familiarise the students with theology by introducing them to its different fields.

In this space, we are able to prove the existence and uniqueness of a solution, and we will give an approximation in a Sobolev space of a solution.

These are just some of the questions addressed on the history course. History How did people in the past shape and perceive their lives? What effect does education have on income, health and crime? Students also have access to interdisciplinary research in medieval studies as well as comparative literary studies.

Empirical social research forms an integral part of the programme. Which kind of interventions work in developmental aid? Empirical social research forms an integral part of the programme. German as a Foreign Language This study programme teaches the student, in theory and practice, how German as a foreign language is taught and learned.

Professors, teaching staff and researchers are on hand to promote the quality of exchanges and the pursuit of ambitious goals.

Two study programmes that go beyond the basic course enable the future environmental scientists to specialise either in environmental law or in management of the environment. Show the study programme profile Profile of the study programme The study programme, which is based on existing courses in management, economics and law, has been designed and optimised to offer students general, but sound knowledge, in the various fields of management, economics and law.

This study programme in Business Communication at the University of Fribourg is unique in its category and offers targeted and highly sought-after academic and professional prospects.Especially in the Master programmes, students can costumize their study programme and select from a wide range of courses from different departments and even from other faculties within the University.

Agenda SES. 26 FEB PhD thesis defense, Ann Barbara Bauer, Room D, ; 28 FEB. Presentations of the Faculty Research Seminar of the.

Ideas for potential research designs will be discussed which can be taken on in a future master thesis. Course Description: In times of globalization, organizations expand their activities from their home country to many other guest countries, i.e.

they act internationally. MASTER THESIS / INTERNSHIP (27 ECTS) To complete the studies, students have to write either a research-oriented Master thesis in Fribourg (27 ECTS) or combine a thesis written in Strasbourg linked to an internship (15 ECTS) with a 12 ECTS research-oriented master thesis written in Fribourg.

The timing is, in both cases, rather flexible. Sciences, at least 6 ECTS from Master courses in Quantitative Methods and at least 6 ECTS from Master courses in Law.

Master Thesis (27 ECTS in Fribourg or 24 ECTS in Pavia) To complete the studies, students have to write a single Master thesis either in Fribourg (27 ECTS) or in Pavia (24 ECTS). Cours > Option Group > Option: Management > 6 crédits ECTS peuvent être crédités pour des cours de Master de la Faculté des sciences économiques et sociales qui ne font pas partie intégrante de l’un des modules à choix ci-dessus > Additional courses SES Master Level.

Guidelines for Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. tel.

+41 26e-mail: [email protected], who is responsible for retransmitting the documents to the responsible persons (Dean, Exam and Admissions Delegates) and / or Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences tel.: +41 26 /

Unifr ses master thesis free
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