Specific relief act

Under Chapter VI of the Specific Relief Act, he is allowed to proceed against any person who is denying or is interested in denying him his right. Specific relief act the negative undertaking i. To that extent, the change of approach is desirable.

The Amendment Act has been introduced with the primary intent of introducing greater certainty in enforcement of contracts and enabling faster and easier enforcement of contracts and resolution of contractual disputes.

Before any such Specific relief act accrues, or any persons entitled under the trusts are ascertained, he institutes a suit to obtain a declaration that the covenant is void for uncertainty. Application of preceding sections to certain awards and testamentary directions to execute settlements.

Specific performance of independent part of contract Sukumaran, AIR Kerpossession not proved. In case the singer threatens breach, the court cannot force him to sing. B has possession of them. Contracts which cannot be Specifically Enforced Contracts not specifically enforceable B may be compelled to deliver them to A.

Where a party to a contract is unable to perform the whole of his part of it, and the part which must be left unperformed forms a considerable portion of the whole, or does not admit of compensation in money, he is not entitled to obtain a decree for specific performance.

Such experts can also be called to lead evidence and produce documents on the issue. Cases in which specific performance of contracts connected with trusts enforceable. Provided that the plaintiff has not failed to perform the contract so far as it is binding on him. Grant of relief of specific performance was exercised at the discretion of the court under the SRA in certain special circumstances including where there existed no standard for ascertaining actual damage caused by the non-performance of the contract, or where compensation in money for its non-performance would not afford adequate relief.

Explanation A special or temporary right to the present possession of property is sufficient to support a suit under this section. The appointment of a Receiver pending a suit is a matter resting in the discretion of the court.

Specific Relief Act 1963

The persons present, seeing the vendor's attorney bidding, think that he is a mere puffer and cease to compete. It is stipulated that the sale shall stand good, even though it should turn out that C's interest is worth nothing. When instrument may be rectified. Bar to issue of mandamus The company take the land and use it for their railway.

But this right was subject to the three conditions for grant of compensation mentioned earlier, and hence the aggrieved party was not assured of covering all his expenses. A contract in writing may be first rectified and then, if the plaintiff has so prayed in his plaint and the court thinks fit, specifically enforced.

The pre-legislative consultation policy that each Specific relief act should follow requires that proposed legislation should be published widely, feedback from stakeholders including Government departments and the public should be invited, and feedback received should also published.

The positive side of the bargain is not specifically enforceable. A new clause fa has been inserted in Section 15 of the SRAto enable a new limited liability partnership "LLP" which arises out of the amalgamation of two LLPs, to seek specific performance of a contract that was entered into by one of the LLP prior to amalgamation.

In rectifying a written instrument, the court may enquire what the instrument was intended to mean, and what were intended to be its legal consequences, and is not confined to the enquiry what the language of the instrument was intended to be. The court may, under this section, award A compensation for the non-performance.

Specific Relief 23 b A contracts to sell B a house and garden in which there are ornamental trees, a material element in the value of the property as a residence.

The amendment has become a patchwork of some contradictory and inconsistent provisions. Bar of suit for compensation for breach after dismissal of suit for specific performance.

B may compel A specifically to perform this agreement, for the shares are limited in number and not always to be had in the market, and their possession carries with it the status of a shareholder, which cannot otherwise be procured.

The court may, under this section, award A compensation for the non-performance. B may obtain the cancellation of all the bills. Cases in which specific performance of contract enforceable. The Amendment Act was introduced pursuant to the recommendations of the Expert Committee's Report on the Specific Relief Act, SRAwhich was constituted to suggest measures to ensure that the law relating to specific relief is made more business friendly and enhance the ease of doing business.

A dies intestate before that day without having conveyed the land. When, through fraud or a mutual mistake of the parties, a contract or other instrument in writing does not truly express their intention, either party, or his representative in interest, may institute a suit to have the instrument rectified: Preventive relief[ edit ] There can be cases where the nature of the contract do not allow damages to likely serve any purpose nor admit to specific performance.

Specific Relief Act 1963

Alternative prayer for rescission in suit for specific performance. B brings a suit to compel A to perform the contract or to pay compensation. While the Amendment Act intends to prevent contracting parties from avoiding performance of their contracts the Amendment Act continues to maintain the earlier position that contracts which are determinable by their nature, cannot be specifically enforced.The Specific Relief (Amendment) Act, (Amendment Act) was published in the official gazette on 1 August The Amendment Act has been introduced with the primary intent of introducing greater certainty in enforcement of contracts and enabling faster and easier enforcement of contracts and.

The Specific Relief Act, (Act) codifies the law in relation to grant of the relief of specific performance[1] including injunctions.

Under the Act, the remedy of specific performance was not available to a party as a matter of right, but its grant was based on the discretion of the court. The Specific Relief Act (I of ) by Dr. Ch. Muhammad Hanif. What is specific relief: It is a positive remedy. It aims fulfillment of an obligation and obtaining of the thing for which a person is entitled under a contract and of which he has been deprived.

Nov 17,  · The Specific Relief Act, is an Act of the Parliament of India which provides remedies for persons whose civil or contractual rights have been violated. It replaced an earlier Act. This Act may be called the Specific Relief Act, (2) It extends to the whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

(3) It shall come into force on such date1 as the Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, appoint. Specific Relief Act, 6.

Malaysian Legislation

Suit by persons dispossessed of immovable property (1) If any person is dispossessed without his consent of immovable property otherwise than in due course of law, he or any person claiming through him may, by suit, recover possession thereof, notwithstanding any other title that may be set up in such suit.

Specific relief act
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