Observation of an aa open group

Equality among peers, rather than provider and recipient roles is practiced. I was going to try to get out of the assignment because I was so uncomfortable about it. They were students, business people, retired people and blue collar workers with one thing in common -- addiction to a substance.

I was the youngest one in the group. James Suthann I, Jenifer Ortiz, attended an AA meeting on Sunday January 20 in the Kssimme area. Members read aloud these steps and traditions, as well as an anonymity pledge.

The discussion leader may read a selected passage and then invite comments, or members may take turns reading a paragraph or two from a chosen section of the work, followed by a general discussion of the topics covered. It was a hardcover book that said Alcoholics Anonymous on it.

The room was spacious and clean, had a sign of the cross on the wall. The role in this behavior of intense fear and the resulting phobic-avoidance defense is apparent. This is because the "seeing" that pains him is his own seeing of himself as someone with a drinking problem who is in need of help.

If I were attending the meeting, I would not want a student coming in observing for confidentiality purposes. Large meetings almost always function in a "raise your hand to be recognized" fashion in which anyone wishing to speak indicates his desire to by raising his hand until he is called on by the discussion leader.

In modern industrial society, however, family and community ties are often disrupted due to mobility and other social changes.

Meeting Observation

There were also people that have been sober for a very long time 25 years and still attending meetings. There were people who were desperate to keep the life that they are living because AA meetings have shown them that life is worth living and they are just starting to feel that they are worthy of that new life.

They were students, business people, retired people and blue collar workers with one thing in common -- addiction to a substance. Comparing the self-help peer participatory model with the professional expert model, experiential knowledge is more important than objective, specialized knowledge in the peer model.

Have you, if you are a secular individual, found AA meetings to be beneficial? Years later, I look back on the meeting with fond memories.

Observation Of An AA Open Group Doc

It was estimated that almost 18 million Americans overuse alcohol All the same, it provides anonymity making peoples identity to remain hidden. Everyone got a chance to speak, that wanted to. One member received a chip for eight months of sobriety, while another announced her year anniversary without alcohol and was met with a cake.

My Alcoholics Anonymous experience: Part one

In self-help groups, specific modes of social purport emerge. They were mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, and friends. Members, though, at least according to the stories, have seemed to have taken great personal efforts and have demonstrated restraint.

However, what was more interesting was how the group spoke of the importance of community. A moving story told by a young middle-aged mother of two children, who lost her family, partner and two lovely children due to drinking problems. Another similarity between these two groups is the existence of open topic discussions guided by standard protocols.

My Alcoholics Anonymous experience: Part one

Clubhouse meetings tend to be larger than church meetings — though this is not always the case. It is the rare alcoholic who, at least in the beginning, is not acutely concerned about matters of privacy, confidentiality and anonymity.

In self-help groups, specific modes of social purport emerge. Some people prefer to identify themselves as "recovering alcoholics" or even "recovered alcoholic.

One man spoke of how the group was like his higher power in keeping him on track and connected to sobriety. TriangleNABAGalanoThe Freedom ClubChurch meetings are held on the premises of various local churches by special arrangement with the congregation, usually including a nominal rent payment from collections taken up by the AA group at the end of each meeting.

I noticed several times when members laughed, smiled, and made brief supporting comments while she spoke. This is completely optional and may be ignored by newcomers if desired, although it is obviously a good idea to introduce oneself in order for others to begin to get to know him.

The simplest and most obvious solution to this predicament is to avoid it altogether. From a mutual-aid framework, Barman believes that, individual helpfulness to others, instead of just being a beneficiary of help is a significant element of mutual aid. In modern industrial society, however, family and community ties are often disrupted due to mobility and other social changes.I attended an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and a Nar Anon meeting.

Two of the meetings were open and one was closed. Please note that an open meeting is a meeting where the general public is allowed to attend and a closed meeting is designated for a specific group of people. The element of ‘story sharing’ seemed to be quite compelling and perhaps the most effective part of the AA meetings.

In hearing others’ stories, members have found that. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS OBSERVATION PAPER 2 Alcoholics Anonymous Self-help Group Observation Experience Alcoholics Anonymous of Central Ohio has a meeting at Stonewall’s central office meeting room, located at W.

Broad Street, Columbus, OHevery Friday at Meeting at a church on a Friday night is not usual for most college students, but it is for the members of an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) women's group in my hometown. The traditions state that the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking, that AA is focused solely on promoting sobriety within an autonomous group, and that anonymity is of upmost importance (Alcoholics Anonymous, ).

Meeting Observation Page history last edited by PBworks 10 years, 7 months ago I attended an AA meeting on Friday January 25 on Michigan which is at the Orange Blossom Trail area.

Observation of an aa open group
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