Hrd of ucbl

Finally, I would like to express my special gratitude to my supervisor Md. Finally, I would like to express my highest tone of gratitude to Mr. I would like to thank my honorable dean Prof. Rizwan Haque, Probationary Officer, Mr.

Then I would like to thank all the individuals of my friends, NCC bank clients, Friends, relatives who helped me to complete the term paper by providing much information about this assignment.

I express my Hrd of ucbl gratitude to Mr. My final word of appreciation most deservingly goes Mr.

Training and development

Particularly, I am thankful to all officers of Credit Risk Management, Head Office for their valuable support and encouraging thought during the whole period of this study. Acknowledgement in internship report Acknowledgement Firstly I would like to thank almighty Allah for help me all the way to complete my Internship report such a wonderful and unique course, through which I get the chance to learn about the preparation for a Banking Report.

They helped me such a way which helped me to feel comfortable there and thus I have completed my report properly. The participants are those who actually undergo the processes.

Finally, I would like to express my special gratitude to my supervisor Md. Talent, knowledge, and skill alone won't compensate for a sour relationship with a superior, peer, or customer.

He has helped me by giving various information to make this report. I am deeply grateful to Md. It is expected that during the 21st century more companies will begin to use more integrated terms such as talent development. Salman Rajib, Officer of UCBL who has given me valuable instructions, constructive criticism and advice regarding preparation of this dissertation.

Job titles may include vice-president of organizational effectiveness, training manager or director, management development specialist, blended-learning designer, training-needs analyst, chief learning officer, and individual career-development advisor.

My final word of appreciation most deservingly goes Mr. The sponsors of training and development are senior managers. Acknowledgement of report Acknowledgement At the very beginning I would like to pay my gratitude to the almighty for giving the ability to work hard under pressure.

Perhaps organizations need to include this area in their overview of employee satisfaction. Last but not the least, I want to express my deep gratitude to my parents, allwell-wishers whose enormous helps assist me to complete this report.

Words actually will never be enough to express how grateful I am, but never the less I will try my level best to express my gratefulness toward some people. Here are some important benefits of training and development [1]. Finally, I want to express my special thanks to Mr.Jan 19,  · There are some essential part of internship report they are transmittal letter, acknowledgement, prefetch, executive summary, declaration and the main palmolive2day.comledgement is one of the essential parts of internship report.

Here we provide lots of sample acknowledgement for internship report below. Different departments of UCBL are as follows: Human Resources Division United Commercial Bank Ltd. (UCBL) recognizes that a productive and motivated work force is a prerequisite to leadership with its customers, its shareholders and in the market it serves.5/5(1).

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and also participated by the Govt. United commercial bank limited started its operation as on the Human Resources Division: Documents Similar To Ucb Hr Report.

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carousel previous carousel next. To encourage and help human resource development in the financial industry the Bank may decide to offer internship programs to individuals or educational institutions. View Arif Quadri’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

I was Head of Human Resources Division, member of Management Committee, Head of General Services Division,member of the key Management Team Additional Managing Director at United Commercial Bank Limited.

Sample Acknowledgement for Internship Report

Jahangirnagar University. View profile. Title: Additional Managing Director at. Human Resource Development (HRD) programmers of banking sector: As a major functional area of HRM, HRD has traditionally had three functions: training and development, organizational development, and career development (Hawthorne, ).

Hrd of ucbl
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