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The top wood decks would be installed onto the built support in a perpendicular manner. A well maintained deck is always a pleasure to the owner, it will enhance the beauty of your home to a great extent.

Regular checks ups will help you identify and sort out any issues before they get out of hand. The key thing is to ensure that you get your chengal wood from reliable and certified decking contractors who have access to the right sources of Chengal wood.

Proper care is therefore mandatory. It is sometimes referred to as the "Malaysian Teak". Secondly, they do not absorb so much heat and can be comfortable to walk on any time.

Since Singapore weather alternates between wet and dry the issue of durability is very Chengal wood especially for outdoor decking.

Appreciate your help guys. Detergents used should also be mild. Termites do not attack the sound timber. Guaranteed safety Safety matters a lot when selecting the type of material to use in building your deck. Chengal decks look amazing with a boost of lighting, planters and seating.

Young Chengal wood fails many as a decking material because it is soft, hence offers minimal resistance. You can consult the experts to know the best way of repairing it.

So how durable is Chengal wood when exposed to such outdoor conditions? The durability of Chengal wood is largely determined by its maturity at the time that it is logged. Be mindful of what you keep on your deck and try to gain a professional estimate of what its maximum weight is so you have a good guess when too much furniture or too many people gathered on it at once may break it.

Pros And Cons On Chengal Decking

Due to the value of the timber and the tree getting rare, Chengal receives special attention from the Forestry Department. Chengal wood decks will rarely need regular replacements as long Chengal wood they are properly cared for. You need to use water with the right acidity or alkalinity level to avoid unnecessary reactions on the deck that may lead to its spoilage due to the chemical reaction on it.

However due the high cost of chengal wood, it is necessary that you make no mistakes. Learn the basics of caring for chengal wood decks beforehand. After informing them it can help as they will avoid hence ensuring maximum maintenance to your Chengal Wood decking.

As always, better safe than sorry. We were recommended by our colleague to design our home for our new BTO house. Younger trees tend to have lesser resistance to weather conditions and insect infestation Softer in nature and higher moisture content higher shrinkage over time Higher content of natural sugar which promotes bacteria growth Numerous hairline cracks.

In cases where we need to raise the decking support to a certain height, normally in planter box cases, wood footings will be constructed. Younger Chengal has a few characteristics that would not be deemed desirable: As such, it may be beneficial to consider your needs when comparing each type.

Generally you should only use water and detergent. Needs minimal care and maintenance After spending a considerable amount to have your chengal decking done, maintaining it should be a priority. They are also resistant to ordinary wear and tear that affect other materials.Mature chengal wood is actually more expensive than young chengal.

However considering the drawbacks of using young chengal, mature chengal is the best. As such, it is better that you spend more and get quality chengal wood that will meet your needs. Chengal definition is - the hard heavy durable wood of a large Malayan tree (Balanocarpus heimii).

Neobalanocarpus is a monotypic genus of plants in the family Dipterocarpaceae. The single species, Neobalanocarpus heimii, is a tropical hardwood tree. Common names for the tree and its wood products include chengal, chan ta khien, chi-ngamat, takian chan, and takian Dipterocarpaceae.

Chengal Wood Decking – Benefits & Alternatives Timber Malaysia January 3, Outdoor Timber Decking 0 One of the most sought-after solid hardwood in Malaysia and other tropical countries, Chengal is a well-loved wood for the installation of outdoor decking.

Wood Decking

Chengal Wood Description as wood building about the pros and cons of using palmolive2day.coml Wrot's width,thickness and length. Chengal wood decking is one of the most common wood decking options in Singapore. It is important to source for credible decking contractors who can supply home owners with quality Chengal Wood for their decking installation.

Chengal wood
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